Here you can find an overview of activities in Milna and on island Hvar. For much more information and in greater detail visit

sv-nedjelja-holiday-apartments-hvarSv. Nedjelja

Sveta Nedjelja is an ideal place for a half-day excursion. It is located on a cliff under the Sveti Nikola mountain top (626 meters), and surrounded by steep vineyards and olive groves which are difficult to reach. Sveta Nedjelja is located in one of the supreme wine-growing areas on the island and the entire country. Visit the cave above the village, and make sure you taste the local red wine, Mali plavac, at the Plenkovic winery. Zlatan Plenković is one of the most famous and largest Croatian wine producers. His wines are aged in a cave cellar 70 meters underground, at a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius.


Vrh sv. Nikole

vrh-sv-nikole-holiday-apartments-hvarThe island’s mountains are a real delicacy for walking and climbing lovers. You can start your climbing tour to the top of  st. Nicholas from a number of directions, from the shore on the southern part of the island from villages of Svirće and Dol, or from Vidikovac on the western part of Stari Grad.
We recommend that amateur sportsmen and cyclists start from Vidikovac, westward from Stari Grad. After a few kilometers of asphalted road with no particularly difficult ascents or descents you will reach the part below the rock at the highest peak. A peak that rises above the village of Sveta Nedjelja towards which St Nicholas’s southern cliffs descend is of particularly challenging beauty.
During pleasant and bright weather, you can even see the island of Vis from the peak. If you take a look from the cliff of st. Nicholas toward the foot of the mountain, you will experience the feeling of being on the sheer peak. Standing there it is not hard to understand why people once built their sanctuaries precisely on such heights.
Saint Nicholas is the saint patron of passengers and sailors, so the small church was built in his honor on the place from where the inland and maritime paths are best visible.


Hvar’s Theatre and Arsenal – Hvar town, Cultural & Historic Sites

Once you are on Hvar’s square you will certainly wish to visit Hvar’s theatre that holds an unavoidable place in the general history of theater. Its foundation in 1612 made it become the first civic theatre in Europe. The theater was erected above the Arsenal, the most recognizable outline of the city of Hvar, a place that was used for the repair of galleys and served as a warehouse for nautical accessories.

Today Hvar’s theatre is open for public use. In the same venue there is also the Gallery of Contemporary Art that is open to visitors during the tourist season from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. During the low season you can phone number 021741009, but its working hours are usually from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Fishing Museum, Vrboska – Cultural heritage of the island of Hvarfishing-museum-holiday-apartments-hvar

The Museum was opened in 1972 and preserves numerous fishing equipment and accessories. Amongst many interesting exhibits there is an appliance called svićalo which was used to light pinewood splinter and whose light attracted fish. There are also petroleum lanterns that were immersed under seawater, old rudders, fish-hooks, but also cooper’s tools. The Museum preserves a collection of treated crabs, fish and shells of the Adriatic seabed and amphora from the Roman period.

During the tourist season the museum is open to visitors from 9 a.m. – noon and from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.


Dominican monastery, Island of Šćedro

A unique and unforgettable sight is definitely the remains of the Dominican monastery from the 15th century. Once a year, more accurately the first Wednesday in July, the Holy mass is held in honor of Gospa od milosrđa (Our Lady of Mercy). This day is known among the population on Hvar as “Fiesta on Šćedro” where the joy of all the visitors to Šćedro is accompanied with Dalmatian foods, top quality wine and clapa singing that rings from every courtyard deep into the night.

During the tourist season a boat travels daily from Zavala to Šćedro.


Franciscan monastery, Hvar town – Cultural heritage of the island Hvar

An easy stroll from Hvar’s square, along the sea and the waterfront soon brings you to the Franciscan monastery. Within the peace and quiet of the monastery walls, you can enjoy a rich display of museum exhibits (collections of Greek, Roman and Venetian coins, liturgical items, atlas of the ancient cartographer Ptolemaeus, rare exhibits of amphora, etc.), as well as paintings of Venetian artists like Francesco Santacroce and Palma Junior. The monastery is known for its magnificent painting of the Last Supper (2 x 8 m) which leaves everyone breathless. Some critics believe it is the work of a painter from Ravenna Matteo Ingoli, whilst others think that the painting belongs to the school of Palma Junior. One more rarity that makes the monastery famous is the 300-year old cypress that is located in the garden of the monastery.

During the tourist season the monastery is open to visitors from 10 a.m.- noon and from 5 p.m.- 7 p.m. whilst during the low season its working hours are only between 10 a.m. and noon.


Palace Biankini and Naval collection, Stari Grad

In the 19th century during the period of sailboats Stari Grad marked the development of the shipping industry and naval construction. There is a rich naval collection preserved in Palace Biankini in Stari Grad. The collection was founded by the Centre for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the island of Hvar in 1966 and besides documentation on naval construction; it also displays various nautical instruments, paintings of Hvar captains, old nautical charts and literature on navigation.

During the tourist season the collection can be seen from 10 a.m. to noon and from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. During the low season, it is necessary to announce your arrival to the Cultural Centre by phone (+385 21 765 910).


The fort Fortica (Španjola) – Hvar town attractionsfort-fortica-holiday-apartments-hvar

If you walk from the square to the north, passing the main city gate or Porta di datallo (Gate of Dates) ascending the stairs through the old part of the city in which there are palaces built in the 15th and 16th centuries, through small bends that give out the aromas of Mediterranean plants, you will reach Hvar’s fort Fortica or how the locals call it Španjola. It was built at the beginning of the 16th century (during the Venetian rule) and was reconstructed in 1579. Today the fort holds a collection of amphora and other exhibits from antiquity and the Middle Ages. Besides experiencing its exquisite architecture, you will experience an unforgettable panoramic view of the city of Hvar, its surroundings and the Pakleni islands.

You can reach the fort by car as well by taking the road that goes from the bus station, behind the hill, to the western part of the city.


Stari Grad Plain, Ager – UNESCO World Heritage

Because of its exceptional archaeological importance and well preserved ancient cadastre originating from the 4th century B.C., Stari Grad Plain is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Church fort of St. Mary, Vrboska – Hvar island, History & Culturechurch-fort-st-mary-holiday-apartments-hvar

One of the most significant monuments of the island of Hvar is definitely the Church – fort erected in 1571, after the Turkish attack on the location of an older church that originated in 1465.

The church has the shape of a fort with an observation post and a loop-hole and from its top there is a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding places and fields. The church preserves valuable works of Stefan Celesti (‘Lady of  Mount Carmel’), Antonio Sciuri (‘Mary’s Childbirth’), Giuseppe Alabardi (‘Resurrection’ and ‘Placing into the tomb’) Marko Rašica (‘Lady of Mount Carmel’) and Celestin Medović (‘Homage of the Three Kings’).

During the tourist season the church is open to visitors between 10 a.m. and noon and 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

During the low season, all visitations must be announced to the parish office by phone (+ 385 21 774 095).


Art gallery Meneghello, Palmižana

If Eugen Meneghello planted the rocky island, and his son Juraj Toto Meneghello followed his father’s dream of a botanical garden and pension in the middle of the Pakleni group, then Dagmar Meneghello took the dream to yet another dimension.

For Škorpion is her dream, and a unique one, as only dreams can be… A gallery that is not just a mere space for exhibition, Škorpion is a passageway, open to all, where one gains knowledge of the refined simplicity of the Croatian culture whilst uniting art of various roots, creating its unique identity.

Hvar guided city walk

Ssightseeing of town Hvar in company of tourist guide. Duration of a tour is circa two hours.


Grapčeva cave – Humac, Island Hvargrapceva-cave-holiday-apartments-hvar

On the southern part of the island of Hvar there lies the Grapčeva cave, the most significant prehistoric site in the Adriatic. Items from a culture from 4 B.C. were discovered in the cave and they show that the prehistoric cave inhabitants were acquainted with polychrome ceramics from the Ionian and Aegean Sea. It is interesting that right in this cave the oldest depiction of a boat in Europe was discovered on fragments of one piece of pottery. The cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites and contains a large and a small hall, with numerous less accessible branches.

You can reach the cave that is situated 239 metres above the sea level from Jelsa passing the Greek fort Tor or from the southern side from Gromin Dolac, passing the Virak cove. Still, the simplest way is to come by car from Jelsa to Humac and then take the field path to the cave.


Hvar Half Day Wine Tour – Island Hvar wine tasting tours

Meet the winemaker whose wines have been called a benchmark for the future millennium by the respected wine magazine ‘La Revue du vin de France”. Taste wines from Croatia’s first and only eco – winery, specially monitored vineyards in the southern hills of Hvar that won both the Paris World Wine Contest and Decanter World Wine Awards in London. Meet Croatia’s leading ”garage“ winemaker and taste wines which are now one of the most expensive in Croatia. Find out what it’s like to try ”2718 hours of sun in the bottle”. Come with us to the highest peak on the island and take in the magical view of Hvar’s most lush vineyards. Discover the secrets of Plavac Mali, enjoy local brandy infused with local aromatic herbs – taste the true flavors of Hvar Island!


off-road-safari-holiday-apartments-hvarOff Road Safari Hvar – Stari Grad, Jelsa, city Hvar

Have you ever been on an island-safari on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean – the island of Hvar? We offer you a unique experience! From the rich aroma of the lavender fields, through the centuries – old olive groves and vineyards, 4WD vehicles will take you on a voyage of discovery, revealing the undiscovered areas and paths once trod on by the ancient Greeks. Find out why the name Hvar comes from the Greek name Pharos!

Submarine tour, Hvar town

All mysteries of Hvar undersea you can now explore with us! When we want to offer you something special, then there are no limits in implementation! There are no limits for discovering beauty of Hvar! Have you ever wondered what is hidden under the Adriatic sea?
When you are visiting Hvar, you have to see its history, people, tradition and untouched nature… But not only to see it, you have to experience it! We are offering you unique underwater experience!
Dive with us, and explore all secrets and mysteries of Hvar undersea. This summer prepare yourself for the best adventure ever with our special submarine. In 30 minutes discover untouched undersea world, beautiful Hvar archipelago. Meet the fishes, dolphins and the hidden stories of seabed.

You can buy your ticket in front of Gariful restaurant and for only 80 Kn join us in this exciting tour to the island Galešnik and experience a unique adventure that is hidden under the sea.


One day and half a day hiking and walking tours

Hvar offers various tracks for hiking. We organize one day or several days hiking programs. During the hiking tours on Hvar you will experience the atmosphere of ancient villages, framed by vineyards, dramatic coastal scenery, shady groves of olive… You will learn about the traditional life on Hvar and the history dating back to ancient times, the local people, gastronomy, etc.


Mekićevica beach – Excursions from the town of Hvar

A picturesque bay not far from Hvar can be reached by boat from the port of Hvar or walking along the coast line from the Pokonji dol beach. There are two pebble beaches ideal for those who love the scents of Mediterranean plants, and sounds and smells of sea waves especially in the afternoon hours. Beaches are partly for the nudes. The restaurant Robinson surrounded by olive trees offers numerous Dalmatian specialities.

Mekićevica beach can be reached by boat from the Hvar harbour or walking along the coast from Pokonji dol beach.

Sea Kayaking around Pakleni islands with lunch – Excursions from Hvarsea-kayaking-holiday-apartments-hvar

Explore the Paklinski Islands one cove at a time! There will be a surprise waiting around every inlet – both above and beneath the surface! Each cove is a microcosm – a wonder of naturea story in itself.
The starting point of the kayaking tour is the town of Hvar. You set off to the group of small islands called the Paklinski. The origin of the name goes back to old days when the islands were the main source of resin (paklina in old Hvar dialect) for local shipbuilders. Today, just like then, the islands are covered with thick pine woods providing refreshing shade even during the hottest summer days. Besides the well – known beach of Palmizana, our route through the narrow straits and along the islands reveals the small hidden pebble beaches where you can enjoy the privilege of having, at least temporarily, a beach of your own. Returning back to Hvar around 2pm. Lunch in a restaurant on the beach.

Sailing trips – daily trips, half-day trips and short sailing excursions

Half – day sailing 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. includes a tour around the Pakleni islands  and stop in one of its stunning bays where you can swim, snorkel or try local specialties in a restaurat. Can be changed by arrangement.

Daily sailing from 10:00 to 18:00 we will take you to the island of Vis, south of the Hvar island, including a visit to the Green cave, visiting one beautifull Vis bay or visiting town Vis.

Food is not included.

Short sailing trip with the ability to sleep on board ( max 4 people ), the boat is equipped wiyh two cabins with two beds, bathroom, kitchen and hot water. Recommended routes are nearby islands of Korčula, Brač, Vis with the possibility to visit the Blue cave.

Price includes skipper and fuel.

Food, port fees ad tickets for cave require extra pay. It is also possible to visit the offshore islands Palagruža, Sušac and Lastovo.

Departure and return is port Hvar, unless atherwise agreed.


Cruise around the Pakleni islands, full day tour from Hvar town

The legend says that the Paklinski Islands came into existence as a result of a secret love between the sea god Poseidon and a nymph. Even today we all marvel at the beauty and cohesion of the little islands that surround the town of Hvar. Spend a day away from the crowded beaches, enjoy the sun in the serenity of hidden coves, swim in a clear-blue sea and relax in the untouched nature of the Paklinski Islands. This trip includes a stop in three most famous bays, swimming, guide, snorkeling gear, and you may also enjoy a tasty picnic lunch on the boat for a small additional fee. If not you can pack your own picnic or visit some of the restaurants in Palmižana for a tasty meal The sights, sounds, and scents of this spectacular trip will be truly memorable.

Tour description: this full day tour takes you to cruising around Paklinski Islands with the stop at three venues, Mline bay for 45 min, Palmižana bay for 3 hours and where you can enjoy lunch, and St.Klement or Vloka for 1 hour.


hula-beach-holiday-apartments-hvarHula-Hula beach, Hvar – Beaches in the town of Hvar

One of the most popular beach clubs in the town of Hvar is definitely Hula-Hula Beach club.
Come and you will remember it forever!

For those in search of an entertainment it is definitely  Hula-Hula beach, not far from the hotel Amfora offering you refreshments not only in swimming and cocktails but being active in listening and dancing due to the world famous DJs. Hula-Hula beach club is located in the west part of Hvar town, just a short 5 minute seaside walk from hotel Amfora and 15 minute seaside walk from city center.
Hula-Hula is ideal for a complete day relaxation, with sunbeds and umbrellas rentals and Bubba Gump restaurant which offers light food, thai food and seafood. Also wide range of cocktails and tropical drinks is available here. Hula-Hula beach club is famous for it’s after beach parties, which start at 5 PM and last till sunset which you can clearly see from this location! So, do not miss the popular after beach party and magical colors of the sky and the sun in the summer sunset.

Beach Borče,  Milna

A beautiful cove near Milna which will delight with its clear azure blue colored waters and intoxicating aromas from the surrounding pine forests.

Milna can be reached by boat from the Hvar harbour or by automobile.

Perna beach

Perna beach is a colorful sand cove surrounded by thick pine forests on the south shore of the island, near the village Sućuraj where you will, along with the untouched nature enjoy the sun and the azure blue sea.

Mlaska beachmlaska-beach-holiday-apartments-hvar

A lovely sand cove on the north shore of the island of Hvar, situated at the foot of a dense pine forest, with a small dock for boats, is the ideal place for a vacation. In the cove there is an auto-camp while parts of the cove are made a nude beach.


Beach Pribinja

Bays Vira, Pribinja and Široka are situated on the northern side of the island of Hvar, about 3 km far from the town of Hvar. Surrounded by pine forests whose tree tops sing with the summer mistral, making the warmest of summer days pleasant for a stay on the beautiful beaches, are the place for a vacation and relaxation.

Bay Lučica, Gdinjbay-lucica-holiday-apartments-hvar

Bay Smrska, Bay Kožija, Bay Veprinova, Bay Rapak, Bay Tvrdni dolac, Bay Torac, Bay Lučica, Bay Skozanje, Bay Jedra, Bay Srhov dolac – Gdinjske vale are situated on the southern side of the island of Hvar, below the village of Gdinj. If you are looking for a quiet corner of the island, far from the city noise and rushing, Gdinjske vale proof the ideal place for your vacation. All you need to rest can be found there, pine trees shadow, summer mistral breeze, cicadas chirping, the abundant Hvar flora.

Apart from the sea, the coves can be reached by automobile from Gdinj.

Naturist beach in Zavala

If you want to spend your vacation far away from the summer noise and crowds, enjoy the abundance of sun on pebble beaches and sparkling clear waters then definitely visit Zavala which is located on the south shore of the island of  Hvar. It can be reached through the tunnel from the village of Pitve. In its luxuriant beauty Zavala has to offer unforgettable scenes. Stone houses in the old section of the settlement, impressive view on the island of Šćedro, Korčula and peninsula of Pelješac, neat vineyards on steep slopes, blooming oleander flowers as well as many pebble beaches lined next to each other along the shores are just a small piece of the experience that this place has to offer. Accommodation possibilities in Zavala are numerous, including apartments, rooms, villas, vacation houses and camping sites. In Zavala’s restaurants you will be able to enjoy the best white wines the island may offer and definitely on the menu will be fresh fish and homemade olive oil. Visit Zavala and discover all the charms of the south shores of the island of  Hvar.

stambedar-diving-holiday-apartments-hvarStambedar – Pakleni islands, diving location

The cape of Stambedar belongs to Pakleni otoci islands (their name derives from “paklina”, a “pitch” used here for waterproofing ships; in fact, they should be called Paklinski otoci as the Croatian word “pakleni” means “hellish”). Here you can enjoy the rich variety of flora and fauna of the Adriatic, especially the beautiful gorgonians. The plateau at 20 m descends rapidly to 50 m. The upper cliff is the home of different species of algae, sponge, and many other wildlife species typical for this part of the Adriatic. On the lower cliff there is a gorgonian forest (animals belonging to the species of soft coral) which can grow up to 2 m in height.


Biking tour Hvar – Brusje – Stari Grad – Jelsa (30km / 40-50-60km)

We start our tour from the town of Hvar and cycle uphill for a while to reach a pictoresque village of Brusje. Once on top of the island we enjoy an amazing view revealing the whole Hvar and islands in the distance. Easy ride among lavander fields and ride down to Stari Grad and Jelsa, seaside town s offering a different kind of island atmosphere. After cca 30km in one way, this tour can end here or we can make it longer.

The tour ends with a car transfer back to Hvar or you can choose to return back cycling, whatever suits you better.

Easy option: Biking starts from Brusje village, and till there you will have a car transfer.

Tours can be customized to suit your wishes, with each stop prolonged or shortened as required.

Hvar Adventure reserves the right to change itineraries due to weather conditions and similar unpredictable reasons.

Hvar biking tour, Stari Grad – Svirče – Pitve – Jelsa – Stari Grad (cca 35km)biking-tour-holiday-apartments-hvar

If you are into cycling, exploring and visiting somewhere new, we have the perfect thing for you. We offer biking tours, lead by our professional guides. Tours will take place on the island of Hvar, where you will be guided through small villages, in heart of Hvar, to see some traditional architecture, and the traditional way of living.

Hvar biking tour, Stari GradSvirčePitveJelsaStari Grad. Biking place will be ajusted depending on the group. If wished we can continue our cycling to Hvar town, or we can go for a short visit to Hvar town transfered by car.

Tours can be customized to suit your wishes, with each stop prolonged or shortened as required.

Hvar Adventure reserves the right to change itineraries due to weather conditions and similar unpredictable reasons.

Rock climbing, daily tours guided by experienced instructors

There are several climbing sites on Hvar, both for beginners as for experienced climbers. Situated on the shores of the Adriatic sea, the location takes pride in the highest number of sunny days with beautiful aqua blue colors and see-through bottom of the sea. You can actively climb, even in the winter months.
Tours are guided by experienced instructors. We also provide rock climbing courses for beginners. We provide the necessary equipment.

Discovery rock climbing – suitable for beginners.
We start with basic instructions about equipment and rock climbing before you get opportunity to climb your first route.
Price: 400.00 kn per person

Rock climbing – If you need a guide and the equipment for climbing while on Hvar, please be free to contact us.

watersports-hvar-holiday-apartments-hvarWatersport – Island Hvar, Active holidays

For all active tourists we have prepared numerous possibilities while on the island of Hvar.
Diving on the island of Hvar can be arranged for exploring Hvar’s underwater sea life. Scuba diving is a really unique experience and our instructors are well educated and equipped for diving activities.
Jet skiing is an adventurous way of spending your hot afternoon on Hvar.
We also organize water sports such as wakeboarding, water skiing, tube rides or banana rides for couples or even larger groups of people.

kiva-bar-holiday-apartments-hvarKiva bar Hvar, the Cult Hvar bar

If you want to have a good time and feel the real atmosphere of Hvar, you should not miss the cult bar Kiva Hvar. Many tourists, young and less young, artists, unencumbered financially, also richer tourists with Hvar people enjoy a crazy night out with the rhythms of good music. Breathe contagious good atmosphere of Kiva bar, meet a crazy team full of positive energy and experience an unforgettable time.

You can reach Kiva bar in just a short one minute walk from the city center along the western edge of the Hvar harbour.


Nightclub Pink Champagne in the town of Hvar

Pink Champagne is modern style interior and great music nightclub in the old town of Hvar that offers a Paris cabaret-style evening shows as well as memorable performances by world famous DJ.


Momo Beach Bar – Club – Restaurant – Hvar town

Lounge the days away and have an unparalleled vacation experience on the most exciting beach in Hvar. Momo Beach is a beautiful bay, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and only ten minute walk from Hvar centre. Here you will enjoy the Adriatic aqua-blue sea and fragrant breeze with amazing views of Paklinski islands.
Try some delicious thirst-quenching cocktails, freshly squeezed fruit coolers, pizzas, Panini, burgers, soups & salads, desserts and much more at Momo Beach Bar. And if you are feeling romantic, we have fine wines and champagnes to accentuate the feeling.

Momo Beach will indulge your every summer need. Swim, dance and have fun because time spent at the beach is never wasted!

Momo Beach Facebook fun page


Carpe Diem beach, Stipanska – Entertainment & nightlife in the town of Hvarcarpe-diem-bar-holiday-apartments-hvar

Carpe Diem beach is located on the area called Stipanska on the island of Marinkovac. On more than 2,500 square meters located partly under dreamlike pine trees, you will find wellness bath equipped with wooden deck-chairs, parasols, swimming pool, volleyball court and a school for diving.
As well there is a restaurant and a lounge and coctail bar.
Besides the daily one, there is the night Carpe Diem beach offer in Stipanska bay organizing very popular night entertainment, such as beach parties run by world famous DJs.

Stipanska can be reached by boat from the Hvar harbor.

Lounge bar Laganini, Palmižana – Pakleni Islands

Lounge bar Laganini is situated in the most famous Hvar tourist resort on Pakleni Islands called Palmižana, in the bay of Vinogradišće on the southern side of the island Sv. Klement. Here you can experience the perfect Palmižana moment watching the sunset over Vinogradišće, as you sip a fabulous Laganini cocktail and enjoy freshly caught grilled fish.

Palmižana can be reached in some 25 minutes by taxi boat from the Hvar harbor. You can also arrive with your own boat and leave it at the safe berth.

restaurant-atika-holiday-apartments-hvarRestaurant & Cocktail bar Antika – Restaurants in Stari Grad

Antika House of Food is beautifully situated in over 400 years old stone house. The owner Mr. Račić opened this cocktail bar 30 years ago. This beautiful bar and restaurant has two floors with a beautiful roof terrace.


Hula-Hula, beach club Hvar

Hula hula is a synonym for Hvar’s best beach dance floor that will leave you breathless with its unforgettable sunset views, grooviest music, and amazing people! During the day you can enjoy the lounge beach atmosphere planted on 600 m2 with chill out music, sunbeds, vip tables and open-air massage pavilion. We offer also a lot of culinary delights made with fresh and quality ingredients, good vines, cocktails and many more. If you want to rent a boat, we are also here for you – around the Island you can see so many natural beauties and a boat is the best way to do it.

When the time for sunset comes, there is no better place to watch it than Hula Hula beach bar. At the same time, DJ starts with good music and relaxed atmosphere turns into the best dance place.


Mojito Lounge & cocktail bar, Jelsa


gariful-holiday-apartments-hvarRestaurant Gariful

Restaurant Gariful is a small family business with a large international reputation. Situated on the exclusive waterfront of Hvar Town – Lonely Planet’s number five destination for 2012 – Gariful is the island’s most luxurious fish restaurant, renowned for its fresh seafood, outstanding wine and Champagne list, aquarium floor, and complete dining experience. Riva, 21 450 Hvar, Croatia, Tel.: +385 21 742 999




Restaurant Lucullus

Home to legendary Hvar chef Antun Matkovic Car for many years, Lucullus changed ownership in 2011 with Stipe Erceg , bringing in a fresh approach. Simple is hard, said Van Gogh, and it is the embodiment of the Lucullus philosphy – to deliver high quality food, simply prepared, backed up with excellent wines, and a fun and relaxed environment. Petra Hektorovića 3, 21450 Hvar, Croatia. Tel: +385 (0)21 718 073


Restaurant Passarolarestaurant-passarola-holiday-apartments-hvar

Discover the amazing restaurant Passarola and fulfill your senses with all the wonders you can imagine, excellent cuisine complemented with supreme wines, served by friendly staff in a beautiful ambient of Passarola, often with live music, gives you a rare opportunity to supreme culinary experience and build memories for a lifetime. Don’t miss the pleasure! Dr. Mate Miličića 10, Hvar, Croatia, Tel:  +385 21 717 374


restaurant-laganini-holiday-apartments-hvarRestaurant Laganini

Palmizana | Island St. Clement near Island Hvar, Hvar Island 21450, Croatia. Tel: +385 21 744 905

Restaurant Giaxa

The heart of every restaurant is the kitchen, and here the main role is played by Branko Kusovac who acquired his culinary knowledge at famous Dubrovnik restaurants such as Nautika, Proto, Taverna Otto and being part of prestigious European restaurants’ teams, most notably those of Noma Kopenhagen and De Kromme Watergang Netherlands. With the very opening restaurant Giaxa became an irresistible place for all the guests of Hvar town, longing for some inspiring gastronomic and oenological experiences. Petra Hektorovica 3 21450 Hvar | Croatia, Tel: + 385 (0) 21 741 073

Pizzeria Kogo

At the the biggest square in Dalmatia you can enjoy the proven specialties of Italian cuisine. In a pleasant environment, with the always friendly staff, in a pizzeria with 30 years long tradition, we offer all kinds of pizza, salads, pasta and steaks. Trg Sv. Stjepana 34, Hvar, Croatia. Tel: 021 742136


Wine tasting tour Tomić, winemaking roads of Hvar

We offer you a plethora of intense colours and aromas, and take you along the winemaking roads of Hvar.
The two places where you may find us are:
Wine cellar at the winery in the Mina bay in Jelsa
Wine boutique (Wine studio) in the old town centre in Jelsa

sunset-grooves-holiday-apartments-hvarSunset Grooves – present TERRANZA

Sunset Grooves and our “FUN MACHINE” DJ HÄPPY are proud to present the new daytime project “TERRANZA” (TERRAZA Y DANZA) @the beautiful carpe diem BEACH sea bar. Starting the 1ST of july till 31ST of august daily from 1400 – 1900 cet… u can meet & greet a huge number of our headlining night partys djs and live acts combined with a well selected bunch of young and talented artists from all over europe. A team of totally crazy bartenders will serve u a selection of our meanwhile famous & self creates mojitos and drinks alongside the gorgeous bay of STIPANSKA.


Fashion Photography workshop – Ivan Dolac, Hvar

Fashion workshop on the island of Hvar organized by the founders of this course since 2001. We have detailed knowledge about the island and its locations. Individual approach to students and a rich history course guaranteed. The course was attended by 884 photographers, some of them regularly coming back here and created a lot of successful films. We Do not copy someone else’s project, we have our own ideas and we have no competition in this field.

Do you want to know how to shoot a real fashion photos with proffesional models, styling and modern technology? Do you want an individual approach in a small number of photographers and learn what’s new in lighting?
On the course you can take your loved ones as a traveling companion for your vacation.

If you decide to follow this course, we can guarantee you that we are not a “hobby” tutors, who photographed only stocked photos. In figurative photography we have many years of experience. The concept of the course are not rooted in any photographic publications, but including proffesional knowledge and current trends.

First edition of Organic dance music festival in June 2014. on the island of Hvar

Organic dance music festival will be held in June on the island of Hvar. Carpe Diem and Carpe Diem beach clubs will host artists such as Adriatique, Mendo, Lando, Oxia, Yvan Genkins and many more with day and night events from 27th till 30th of June.

Carpe Diem City and Carpe Diem Beach on the island of Hvar have been favorite destinations for the international party goers for more than a decade now and will stay for many years to come. More than a hundred international artists from across the globe have performed during this period – Paul Oakenfold, Roger Sanchez, Boy George, Solomun, James Murphy, 2 Many DJ’s, Nicolas Jaar, Solange, Dimitri from Paris, Pete Tong just to name a few and the season 2014 is no different.


lavander-festival-holiday-apartments-hvarLavender festival – Velo Grablje, Hvar

The 6th edition of the Lavender Festival is organised in the village of Velo Grablje on 27 and 28 June.
Festival promotes the cultural heritage of the island of Hvar and with the presentation of local products offers numerous exhibitions, workshops and concerts.

Some 5 km from Brusje there is a village Velo Grablje, founded in the 14th century. Stone houses and courtyards still capture your attention with its fascinating architecture, while walking within its narrow streets you will feel the breath of pass times. Today the village is nearly abandoned having but a few permanent villagers, although it was rich and prosperous place, famous for its good wine, lavender and olive oil production. Honey production was well known as well, together with lavender oil being the leading one in Europe of the time.

ZA KRIŽEN – Procession of the Cross – UNESCO World intangible Cultural Heritage

Procession of the Cross is a Passion-tide event that takes place each year on the night between Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. It takes place in the parishes of Jelsa, Pitve, Vrisnik, Svirče, Vrbanj and Vrboska and there are six processions. Moving clockwise from church to church the Cross of Jelsa goes to Pitve, the Cross of Pitve goes to Vrisnik, the Cross of Vrisnik goes to Svirče, the Cross of Svirče goes to Vrbanj, the Cross of Vrbanj goes to Vrboska, and finally the Cross of Vrboska goes to Jelsa. It is a rule that each procession goes by itself, but they all go over mainly the same route that is almost 22 km long. After 8 hours of walking each Cross goes back to its church. It is a special honour to be the cross-bearer, but it is not an easy assignment, namely the Cross weights around 18 kg. This is the reason why the cross-bearer has 2 helpers and two men following with candles. The believers sing old folk songs and two main singers sing The Lady’s Weeping in each church. During procession the Cross must be in the centre, surrounded by stewards and pilgrims carrying lanterns, they wear white mass vestments and are followed by plenty of believers and pilgrims that take part in this unique tradition.

The tradition is 500 years old and the first written record dates from 1658. This tradition is on the UNESCO Representative list of World Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Ultra Beach Party – Grad Hvar – Hotel Amforaultra-beach-party-holiday-apartments-hvar

After two days of sheer joy and happiness at the main Ultra Europe event young clubbers from all over the world jumped into the catamarans to make the one hour long sail to the most prestigious island on the Croatian coast – the Island of Hvar. Here the Ultra Europe Beach Party was waiting to happen at the exotic Amfora grand beach resort. Not knowing what to expect they found more than they could have hoped for – the best pool party the island has ever seen.

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